The Faroe Islands

Some small flowers somewhere on Kirkjubøreyn.


A puffin taking off from its nest (on Mykines).

View east from the village of Mykines.


Some of the houses in the village of Mykines.

Nesting area of puffins (in Mykines).

The village of Mykines.

View from the lighthouse on Mykineshólmur towards the Mykines.



Norðasta Haga on Sandoy.

A typical Faroese sheep.

We take a closer look.

And then in profile please.

One summer we had these two lambs on our land around the house (until it was time to slaughter and eat them).

An almost perfectly rotational symmetric cloud (seen from Toftir).

Sunset seen from Toftir.

View from Toftir across Skálafjørður.

View from Toftir across Skálafjørður.

Winter view from Toftir across Skálafjørður towards Skála.

Winter view from Toftir across Skálafjørður.

The western harbour of Tórshavn seen from the University.

The cathedral.

Regatta starting from Tórshavn.

Regatta starting from Tórshavn.

In the Faroes, we even have to cut the grass on the roof occasionally.


Jacob Sparre Andersen